Disney auditions ‘Happily Ever After,’ and ‘Cars 3’ as the stars take on Disney’s auditions


Movie theater chains are looking to make up for years of disappointing box office returns with auditions for their upcoming films.

The Hollywood studios are trying to lure more viewers to their upcoming offerings, including the live-action films Cars 3 and Happy Home Designer.

In the coming weeks, some Hollywood studios will open auditions to cast and crew for the upcoming Disney animated features and movies.

Disney, Disney Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation will be casting for the Disney animated series, Finding Dory, the live action Frozen movie, the animated short film The Little Mermaid, and the live television show The Simpsons.

Disney will be the official home for the casting, which is open to all registered members of the entertainment industry.

The auditions are open to anyone, with an open call to anyone who is interested in becoming a part of the cast or crew of a movie or TV show.

The process of casting a role can take anywhere from a few days to several months.

Disney is making the auditions public so anyone interested in the casting can register online.

Auditions will run from Wednesday, October 1, through Saturday, October 3, at Hollywood Studios in Hollywood, California.

Auditions for the live shows are open from October 13 through February 8.

Audition dates for the new live TV shows, including a special preview of The Simpsons, will be announced in the coming days.

Disney recently launched a new website, www.films-cast.com, where viewers can search for auditions they can submit.

If an applicant is selected, they will have an opportunity to audition for a role that will be part of a live event, such as a movie premiere or premiere-themed episode of a television show, or a Disney animated film.

Disney and other studios are hoping to lure fans to their entertainment offerings in the wake of lackluster box office results.

Disney has posted a slew of lackluster numbers since the beginning of the year, and it is currently down about 17% from its first-quarter box office earnings of $2.1 billion.

Disney has a long history of failing to make a profit and is hoping to bring in new revenue streams with the upcoming film projects.

The studios are still waiting for the results of the third installment of the Disney film series, Frozen, which opens on Friday, January 6.

The studio is expected to release a new installment of its animated series next year.

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