How to audit the auditability of CAOB’s auditing reports


New York City’s financial watchdog has approved the creation of an independent auditor for the city’s police department.

The city’s Financial Services Department announced Tuesday it will create the CABAC, which will oversee the citywide audit of the city and its police force.

The CABAS is the first of its kind in the United States and will be independent of any financial institution, Bloomberg reported.CABAC is also the first auditor in the country to oversee police accountability, Bloomberg noted.

CABAs audits are done independently of the police department and have been used to review and improve police practices.

The auditor will be based in the city, which means the city will have oversight of its police department, but it will also oversee the audits done by the city auditor’s office, which is located in New York.

The City Auditor’s Office has been criticized for being weak and slow to adopt new technology and procedures to ensure accountability.

The police force is expected to pay CABA auditors about $50,000 annually for a year, Bloomberg said.

The department is also paying CABAP auditors $200,000 per year for two years.

CSA audits of police departments were introduced in 2011, and are overseen by the City Auditor, Bloomberg added.

The move comes after CABATS audit report last year criticized the city for not having sufficient safeguards in place to prevent abuse and neglect by officers.

The watchdog found a lack of adequate training, training tools, and oversight of officers and their supervisors.

The report also called for a greater reliance on independent oversight of CSA and CABAT audits.

Bloomberg said CABASS audits are now required of all departments and agencies that receive city contracts.

pcaob auditing standards

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