Which MTV stars should watch out for during the next year?


It’s a question that MTV’s new audit checklist has asked the stars of the network’s reality shows.

“What’s the worst thing you could say to an aspiring star?” the checklist asks.

“Do you use your show as a platform to promote your own brand?”

“Are you using your show to sell products to the general public?”

“Do the show’s producers take a profit from the product you create?”

“What other activities do you engage in that can potentially make you appear to be making a profit?”

“How many times a week do you go on social media and post a photo or video that appears to show you getting paid for your show?”

“If you do have a good reputation, are you honest with your fans about how you make money?”

“Is it okay to share your earnings or profits on Instagram?”

“Does your personal brand appear on your Instagram?”

The list has been posted to the MTV Community blog, where users can share their questions and concerns.

“Is your brand visible on Instagram and other social media?” the questionnaire asks.

“Are you taking advantage of Instagram for your own benefit?”

“Have you been caught using your personal appearance as a publicity tool to promote yourself?”

“Who else should you be aware of who could be making money off of your appearances?”

The question has been around for a few months, but MTV says it will now start asking the questions.MTV has said that it has already spoken to celebrities, but they have not yet responded to the checklist.

“We’ve asked our network partners to send us the list of questions so we can review them and look at them in more detail, and we’re working with our partners on a plan to make sure this is done before we release the list,” MTV’s Head of Global Business Affairs, Robyn O’Neill, said in a statement.

“It’s a great idea, and it’s an important first step in improving MTV’s compliance program for all its brands.”

audit checklist

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