The most interesting, controversial, and interesting things you missed in 2016


There’s a lot of buzz about the 2016 election.

We covered everything from the rise of Donald Trump to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which paved the way for a flood of dark money to flood the airwaves.

But we missed one thing: A meme that’s been making the rounds on Twitter for a while.

It’s a meme of a guy named “The Great Trump”.

A meme of Donald J. Trump, that’s how the meme began.

It spread like wildfire on social media and quickly went viral.

On the day it was launched, it had nearly 100,000 retweets and more than 12 million likes.

It quickly became the most retweeted meme of all time.

Its popularity has only grown since then, with users from across the country and around the world sharing the meme.

The meme has been trending on Twitter as well as on Tumblr and other social media platforms.

The “Great Trump” meme was created by the same guy who created the first meme of the year.

It began circulating on the web on May 18, 2016.

It was a very viral meme.

As the meme spread, it gained an almost cult-like following.

People were sharing it and liking it on Twitter.

And it was doing very well.

On June 15, the meme was taken down from Twitter after a number of users reported it had been sharing child pornography.

The user who made the meme says that the company did not have the resources to remove it.

Twitter told Buzzfeed that the removal was due to an allegation of child pornography, but did not give specifics.

It did not respond to our request for comment on why the meme wasn’t removed.

Some Twitter users who shared the meme and other images with Buzzfeed said they didn’t want to delete the meme, and wanted to use it to celebrate their own election victories.

It seems like the meme has made a great impact on Twitter users, even though the site says it only handles about a tenth of all of the millions of tweets posted every day.

“The memes that spread this year were a huge success, with more than 150 million retweet, 100 million likes, and hundreds of thousands of comments on Twitter,” says John D. O’Brien, a Twitter senior vice president.

“That means a lot.

The memes that we’ve seen and loved are the ones that really helped spread the message.”

The meme, which features a man in a suit holding a flag with Trump’s name emblazoned on it, spread like a wildfire on Twitter after being launched.

The internet is full of memes, but the Great Trump meme has taken off.

It has been retweeted nearly a billion times.

This meme is the internet’s top trending meme. — Ryan Mac (@RyanMac) June 18, 2017 This meme has a lot going for it.

The man in the suit is a real Trump supporter, and he’s doing a lot for his state.

#greattrump pic.:// — Mark Zuckerberg (@MarkZuckerberg) June 19, 2017 The meme quickly gained traction on Twitter, becoming one of the most popular memes of 2016.

And while it has gone viral, its creator says that he’s not worried about the meme being taken down.

“People are going to share it and like it.

We’ve had hundreds of millions of views,” he says.

“If there is a copyright claim against it, we can do that and remove it.”

In the end, it’s all about the user.

“It’s just a meme,” he told Buzzkill.

“You can have the memes of other people that are like, ‘You’re a racist, you’re a misogynist,’ but there’s no way that the creator is going to take it down.”

audit meme

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