‘Free website audit’ to be used by government agencies in India


An audit that can be used to check the quality of websites could be a useful tool in India’s effort to fight corruption, as government agencies are increasingly looking for ways to boost efficiency and transparency in the country.

The National Audit Bureau has asked the IT department of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT) to submit a draft report by September 30 on its plans to audit the country’s websites and social media networks, a senior official said.

It is the first such audit for government agencies since the government’s website was launched in 2009, but its implementation has been hampered by a lack of technical support from DEIT and the lack of a single audit report.

It was only in March this year that the Department was granted an audit team, headed by a retired IITian, to undertake the first online audit of its website.

It has so far been unable to audit a single website or social media network, which have been largely controlled by non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

According to an audit report, the government has so-far not implemented the audit plan due to a lack in technology and manpower, with only a small number of trained staff available.

The draft report was prepared in collaboration with private sector, including IT and web developers, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The audit team was set up after the launch of the government website in January, and is headed by an IT expert, a former IIT officer and an expert in web-security and digital technology.

The report will be submitted to DEIT, which will be able to review it.

According to the draft report, DEIT’s website could be used as a repository of information about its own website.

The government will also have to ensure that the audit team can monitor its work, and provide detailed reports, the draft said.DEIT, in a statement on Tuesday, said the draft audit report would help the department in “analyzing its online operations and its operations in general.”

It also said that if the report proves to be “effective and informative” and “useful for government and other stakeholders,” it would be “of great interest to the Government of India”.

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