Why Kim Jong Un may not want to attend South Korea’s biggest show of the year


By now, you probably know that South Korea is hosting the world’s biggest music festival in April.

The annual music festival, known as Kpop, attracts over 70,000 people, and has become the first major music festival to be held in the Korean peninsula.

Its popularity in Korea is the reason why Kim Jong-un will not be attending, according to Kim Jong Suk, the current leader of North Korea.

The North Korean leader, who has been under house arrest for more than two years, has been rumored to be considering attending the event, but according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it’s likely he’ll be attending the music festival instead.

Kim Jong Suk will likely take a photo with the stars of the band and the dancers of the music video, according the report.

The concert is taking place at the Kia Stadium, located in the capital of Seoul.

It’s expected to attract a large number of foreign musicians, including musicians from China, India, and other countries.

In addition to the South Korean artists, the concert will also feature the South Korea Stars and the North Korean Youth League.

There’s still a chance that Kim Jong Chol might attend, however.

According to the report, Kim Jong Il did attend a music festival hosted by North Korea last year, and he was seen wearing a Korean-style uniform.

If Kim Jong Suk attends the Kpop event, it would be his first concert in South Korea.

It would be Kim Jong Nam’s first time at a major music concert.

Kim’s recent actions have sparked a fierce debate on social media.

Kim Jong Un has already shown his disdain for the K-Pop stars by banning the music from his private Instagram account.

Kim Jong Sung is Kim Jong Ul’s younger brother, and Kim Jong Hyun’s father.

Korean music fans have been sharing photos of Kim Jong Su in front of the Kmart concert and Kim Sung Won at a dance club wearing a red, black, and white uniform.

Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, are seen walking around in their signature red, white, and blue outfit in the video, and they look to be having a good time.

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