How to audition for the Agt Auditions 2021 in Laine Hardy


Agt audition 2021 will be held on November 16th in Los Angeles.

The event is free, and you’ll need to be 18 years of age to enter.

The audition is open to all age groups and can be viewed in full.

Here’s how to audition.

What to bring and what to expect: Laine Hardy is a 20-year-old actor, writer, and model.

Her first acting gig was in the film The Secret Life of Pets, and she has since been signed to major studios including HBO, Paramount, and Disney.

She’s also starring in the TV show “The Mindy Project” as well as starring in Netflix’s Netflix Original series “Mulaney.” 

The show is based on a comic book by Laine, and her character is a paranormal investigator who has been assigned to Laine’s childhood home, where she is the only one in her family who is not a witch.

The show is being produced by Lain’s mom, Kim, who has a degree in psychology.

The two of them will be together, so there’s a chance for the audience to ask questions and get a sense of Laine.

What you should bring: A phone, a pen and paper, a script of your script, a notebook, a few notes, and a phone. 

When to arrive: Registration begins at 7:30pm. 

You can attend as many as three auditions per person.

There are no age restrictions, so you can meet and chat with people. 

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Agt will be followed by the AgT Auditions 2019 event in L.A.

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