Georgia audit audit finds $9,000 in expenses for big time audition


A Georgia audit of a Big Time Audition is finding a whopping $9 million in expenses, including $1,800 for a big time talent audition.

The audit by auditing firm Ernst & Young, released Thursday, found that some Big Time auditions had not yet been performed by the Big Time Talent Auditions Team, the company responsible for the auditions.

The company said the auditors identified $2,500 for a “Big Time Auditions” session in December.

But the auditor’s report also found $1.7 million in “specialty fees” for Big Time performers.

“We have determined that these fees are not included in the overall costs of the audit,” the auditing company wrote in the report.

“However, due to the high volume of transactions that take place at Big Time, these fees may not be reflected in the total cost of the work.”

It’s not clear how much of the fees are being spent on special projects, such as costumes or props.

The auditors also said the company had not made a decision about which Big Time talent they would consider for an audition.

One of the audited Big Time stars said the audit’s findings are disappointing.

“It’s disappointing to be honest, but it is our job to make sure we’re getting the best talent,” said Dwayne Davis.

“I don’t know why we’re going to spend the money that we have on this and we’re not getting it, and it’s disappointing.”

The audit is part of an ongoing investigation into the business practices of Georgia auditors.

The State Auditor said last month that a Big Top talent agency is responsible for nearly $1 billion in revenue.

The agency was accused of falsifying its financial statements, misrepresenting the value of talent, and underpaying performers.

A Georgia State Board of Auditors audit found that Big Top’s “performance evaluation” process for auditions, which takes place at a state-run audition center, was inadequate.

The GABA said that when auditors visited Big Top in February, they discovered that they had not performed the entire Big Top audition.

Big Top officials have denied the allegations.

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