How to Get Paid to Audition for the Oscars


How to get paid to audition for the Academy Awards, or the Oscars for that matter, has become a familiar and easy way to make a lot of money for an actor or producer. 

I got paid to auditions for The Wolf of Wall Street, The Social Network, Pulp Fiction, American Hustle, and a whole bunch of other things.

But the reality is that this is only a small fraction of the actors and directors who are getting paid to do this for free, so I figured I’d share my tips on how to make the most of this lucrative opportunity. 


Make an audition video, not a resume You may think that this sounds obvious, but I’ll tell you right now that there’s a big difference between having a resume and an audition. 

For one thing, a resume will have all the information you need to get an audition, but a resume is not an audition tape. 

Instead, a video will be sent to the actor/director asking him or her to put in all the relevant information. 

Here are some examples of resumes that can be used to audition: 1) Your resume should have your name, date of birth, and a short bio. 

2) If you have a profile picture, the video should show the name of the actor who is auditioning for you, as well as a short bios of the people you know who might be casting you. 

3) Your profile picture should also show the names of your co-stars, the director, and your producer, as the director will probably be able to contact you. 

 4) If your name doesn’t appear on your resume, make sure you’ve taken an audition before signing up for the video. 

5) Make sure you have an email address and the phone number for the audition video.

 If you don’t have an audition in progress, you can also send an email to [email protected] and they will call you immediately if they have any questions about your video.

You can also email the video director directly at [email protected] and ask for the director to send you a video.

This will ensure that your resume and video are professionally shot, and that they get all the details you need. 

6) Set a deadline for the film to start production A deadline is a requirement for the movie you are auditioning to be produced.

If you don`t set a deadline, the producers will either wait until you are ready or take longer than expected to get your work done. 

To set a budget, set a time frame and make sure it`s realistic. 

7) Don`t forget to include a contact information Don`t get cocky and just email the director asking them to call you at a certain time.

You can even use a contact form if you want to keep in touch with them. 

8) Take a video for free As mentioned above, if you can’t afford to pay, you should be willing to take a video that is at least 10 minutes long, but you should also include a description of what you`re looking for. 

9) Do not give the director the credit for your audition You should only give credit to the director when they send you the video, even if it`ll be a link in the credits, as that`s where the actors name will appear in the movie. 

10) Do you want a paid video? 

If so, use the tips I gave above and make a video of the audition that you send to the Director. 

If the director doesn`t want to make you an offer, you may be able find an actor to audition you for the budget movie you want. 

11) Get a video producer to direct your video If there is no video producer who will direct your audition, make your video yourself. 

12) Use your resume as a template Once you have everything you need in place, email your resume to and ask for their contact information.

Make sure the person who has been working with you on your audition will send you their video if they`re still interested. 

13) Have a conversation with the director and tell him/her that you would like to be in the video You may not be able see the video directly, but make sure that you ask the director if they would like you to be on the video or if you`d like to have your voice heard in the film. 

14) Have the auditions director call you if they are interested You can even contact the director directly and ask if they want to direct the video you send in. 15) Have your audition tape ready to go After you`ve sent your video to the video producer, you`ll want to have all of your audition tapes ready to send to your audition coordinator. 

16) Make a resume with all

auditing standards bighit audition

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