Why I am confident in the Bighit auditing defense


I am a defense attorney and I am convinced that the Bightit auditors are right.

They have a strong case.

But I am not convinced that we are.

And I don’t think that we will be until we see the full Bighits audit.

If we see any evidence that suggests that we were right, then I would be willing to take a shot at the defense’s case.

The Bighitts have not disclosed any evidence to support their contention that the auditors’ findings are correct.

If the Bistro claims that they were wrong, then that would make it clear that they did not have any evidence supporting their claims.

The problem is that the Auditors are relying on nothing but hearsay.

In addition to being inconsistent, the Bittros have been unwilling to provide any evidence about the audit.

The auditors have also ignored the fact that the auditor’s findings are based on a sample of the food prepared at the Broughtye restaurant and not the entire restaurant.

If a Bighitter has a problem with the quality of the restaurant’s food, why are they being told to throw out the results?

Why is it that they would only consider the quality if they had been in the restaurant, rather than looking at all the food?

What is going on here?

In fact, I do not think that the quality is the issue at all.

It is the fact, which the Bighterys are ignoring, that the audits have been based on the very small number of food items they have observed.

There are some very important reasons for this.

First, the audits do not take into account the quality, quantity, or quality of ingredients that are included in the food.

For example, the audit does not consider the salt used for cooking the chicken or the soy sauce used in the chili.

The Auditors did not consider that there are different amounts of sugar used in different types of meals.

The fact that some foods were eaten with different types or flavors of sauces, and others with different kinds of seasoning, does not affect the quality or quantity of the foods.

This is one of the things that makes the auditing so difficult.

Second, the only way the Bighters are making a case is by looking at the food they have been able to measure.

This does not mean that the food is the same as the one that was eaten at the restaurant.

Some of the items that the Auditor has measured are different from the food that was in the menu.

But even if the same foods were served, we would not be able to make the same claims that the restaurant has made.

There is no evidence that the meat used in any of the meals at the location is “cooked” differently than the food served at the restaurants.

In other words, if we had measured all the ingredients and then analyzed the results, the results would be the same.

There were a number of other issues with the Benderys findings that we discussed in our report: They relied on one of their own sources, which did not meet the criteria for accuracy that they claim.

The audit relied on only a sample size of the Boughtye menu.

The report did not include any of its own sources of information, and none of the audited items were presented in any way that would have revealed anything about the quality and quantity of ingredients.

Third, the Auditor relied on a very low sample size, which they said was based on two samples that were not even close to being representative of the menu items.

For the audit, the samples consisted of three types of items.

The first sample contained rice, soy sauce, and the sauce used for the chili, which is an ingredient that the Food Standards and Technology Board of Canada does not regulate.

The second sample contained two kinds of sauces that are common in the U.S. and Canada, such as corn and ketchup, and a third sample was used for other items.

Again, the Food Safety and Standards Institute of Canada has not regulated the types of ingredients used in these foods.

In contrast, the quality criteria for the Bignon menu included all the different types and flavors of ingredients the restaurant uses.

If one were to look at the results for the food tested at the original Bighity’s, you would find that the sample size for the sauce sample was too small to be representative of all the sauce items served at Bightye.

I am also concerned about the auditer’s decision to rely on one sample from the restaurant that was never used by Bighitters.

In our report, we wrote that the original sample of ingredients from the Bunchys menu was too large to be comparable to the actual dishes served.

The results were, in fact, consistent with the menu that the first Bighiter tested.

We also wrote that when Bighters compared the original restaurant menu to the restaurant menu at Boughit’s, they found that they had significantly more sauce

bighit audition turbotax audit defense

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