Which of the candidates is in trouble for filing false tax returns?


As Election Day approaches, there are many people looking for answers as to whether the candidates are actually in trouble, and whether the voters should have to pay more in taxes to get their vote counted.

The audit report released by the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday is a first look at how the candidates and their campaign staff are handling the process.

But as the audit shows, there is no good way to definitively rule out the candidates’ innocence.

“There are still many questions unanswered,” the FEC report said.

“It’s too early to say for sure who is or is not in violation.”

The report also said there were “several cases” where candidates failed to declare that their campaign had paid for a ballot measure or a polling place, and the FEC’s examination of that data did not identify any instances where that had happened.

It also did not look into whether there were any instances in which the candidates themselves had not paid their campaign debts.

“The candidates are not being held accountable,” the report said, noting that there were only one dozen candidates who had filed a complete tax return.

“This audit confirms that the audit was conducted correctly.”

But while there were no instances of fraud or mismanagement, the FEC said that the candidates did not follow the tax return filing process in all states.

It found that some of the more than 200 counties that have filed tax returns in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey did not have an election day deadline.

“Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware counties have the option of filing a partial tax return and filing a fully tax return on Election Day,” the agency said in a statement.

“Counties that do not file tax returns may have the opportunity to request that their tax returns be returned to the candidates.

However, if counties do not return the returns to the campaigns, they are prohibited from collecting the tax debt.”

The election laws and procedures are clearly designed to make sure that tax returns are properly filed and that candidates do not owe the taxpayers money,” the statement said.

Some states have set deadlines to make tax returns available online and to send candidates the completed forms within a day of filing.

The FEC said in the report that while it was “proud” to have helped make these states more transparent and fair, the election process still needs to be more transparent.

The agency also said that in some cases, there were discrepancies in the campaign finance disclosure reports.

In Delaware, the report found that the campaign reported having received $8.4 million in donations, but the report also found that $7.9 million was spent by the campaign on “administrative expenses” and $1.9 billion in “expenses associated with the general election campaign.”

But the report noted that the $6.3 million in “administratively incurred expenses” had been spent on “the general election and not the general campaign.”

In Pennsylvania, the campaign did not disclose the amount of money it had spent on the general and general election campaigns, and it did not make any financial disclosure to the FEC about the total expenditures by the campaigns.

In New Jersey and Delaware, there was no reporting requirement for the campaigns to disclose expenditures, and “there was no financial disclosure requirement” to the voters.

The report said that when the candidates had filed their tax return, the audit found that there was a “possibility that the tax returns did not reflect all of the expenditures.” “

Candidates may choose not to make any disclosure about campaign expenditures,” the commission said in its statement.

The report said that when the candidates had filed their tax return, the audit found that there was a “possibility that the tax returns did not reflect all of the expenditures.”

In New York state, for example, the candidates failed a series of checks with a vendor to make certain they had enough funds to pay the $600,000 owed on their tax filing forms.

The campaign reported that the checks had not been properly filed.

In Virginia, the investigation found that a campaign committee had failed to file its tax return for the election cycle, and there was an audit of the documents it had submitted with the IRS.

The campaigns in New Jersey also did something very strange: they failed to make their campaign finance reports public.

It also said in Pennsylvania that a candidate could have made a contribution to his campaign but not pay for the campaign to pay off its debt. “

For example, candidates are permitted to submit returns to pay their campaign debt, but may not report their contributions or expenditures.”

It also said in Pennsylvania that a candidate could have made a contribution to his campaign but not pay for the campaign to pay off its debt.

In addition, there appears to be no reporting or disclosure requirements to the public when a campaign has raised money and spent the money.

The election watchdog group Common Cause also expressed concerns about the report, calling it “deeply troubling” and saying it should be investigated by

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