How to find the perfect voiceover auditions


Auditions are usually held on Saturday mornings at local schools or private homes, and typically last a couple of hours, with the students in question choosing a couple voices and a couple actors.

For these auditions, you may want to have a few more actors or a few actors, depending on the school or the school’s location.

But if you don’t have that many voices, you can just choose a few voices and choose one actor to play the part of the student.

If you’re just looking for the right voice, you don�t need to pick a particular actor.

It�s enough that the voice is a good match for the person.

The audition will also be a bit different for each school, depending how many voices are on hand and how many auditions are taking place each year.

The schools where auditions take place are usually in high school and college.

For example, schools in the Boston area have had some of the most popular auditions in recent years.

If you�re looking for a school that doesn�t have a lot of auditions scheduled, there are a few schools that have a limited number of audites a year, usually around 100 students.

If that�s not enough, there is also a limited availability of actors for some schools.

For more information on how to get a job as a voice over artist, visit

The most common type of audition is a call for auditions.

For these, there will be an agent who will call a number of different people who will then pick a few people to go through a few different auditions with.

It can take anywhere from three to six months to get through the auditions each year, so don�ll worry if you are not able to get auditions as soon as you get a call.

But you can usually expect to get calls from multiple agents and agents will try to put you on more auditions later in the year.

voice over auditions

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