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Canada visa Canada visa | The required Thai visa holder is required to apply for a Canadian tourist passport with a minimum of 7 months validity from the date of travel, along with any old passports in which the visa is included. A 3.5 * 4.5 color photograph. White background. The entire documentary transcript of the marriage certificate should be translated if you are traveling with your spouse if you are married to your children. Individual and family information is completed for each applicant individually. The financial document includes the Bank's Compliance Letter in Latin The International Bank's stamp, along with the quarterly turnover of the account, representing 6 applicants for the monthly income. If you have a long-term deposit certificate or a certificate of purchase of shares or securities, and a car or lease, you will be provided. Translation of civil documents. : Employees: A certificate of employment in Latin on the company header (With the date of commencement - the position of the employee and the monthly income - the length of the agreed leave), along with the translation of the payword for the last two months and the translation of the last two months' insurance list and the translation of the job order. Announcement of the decisions of the company in the official newspaper The translation of the list of insurance and legal documents - The announcement of changes - The employers: The translation of the announcement of the last month of the last month of the last 4 months of the staffing - The translation of the last paid tax list - The letter of approval of the bank - Rizprint 2 Merchants: Chamber of Commerce and Translation of the Last Listed Taxation and Translation of the Insurance List. Doctors: A permanent translation of the medical license and medical card, and a translation of the office license, and the translation of the last paid tax list and translation of the list of insurance payments. Engineers: Translating permissions for the engineering system or licensing. - Translation of the license for the acquisition of the translation of the last paid tax list - Manufacturers and owners of free-traders: Translating the license to translate the list of insurance payments. Retirement: translation of the pension order and translation of the legal text of the last two months of retirement (if the increase in translation rights is provided by the increase in the pension). Relative to the person-reason travel-address and telephone-duration of stay .- Letter: include full details of the inviter And the applicant will arrive. NOTHARY PUBLIC Any other related items. (The invitations to the postdoctor must be indicated on the seal of the creditor's office of the inviting person's identity card: Canadian citizenship identification card - CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP CARD or CERTIFICATE CANADIAN BIRTH residence card is required by the inviting person. Also other PR CARD documents - The invitee includes a certificate of employment for the bank T and forms NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT 4, T1 have a huge impact on the outcome of the request of the invited person. A nouveau consent translation for accompanying children without a parent wishing to travel. The letter should be from the person who does not accompany them. All Canadian visas must be completed Official translation of the English language

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